How To Research Keywords For Effective Blog Post SEO

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words and phrases people type into search engines to pull up specific content. They’re what your potential customers type into their search bar to find you online. Think of keywords as the connection between you and your target audience. A single keyword may be a word like blogging. A longtail keyword will be something like small business blogging.

How do you find the best keywords for your business blog?
Don’t just use the keywords you want to use. Instead, opt for the ones your potential clients are most likely to use when searching for the products and services you offer. There are two smart ways to do that. Start typing into your search bar and you’ll see suggestions pop up underneath the search field. These are smart words to use as keywords and longtail keywords because Google is telling you that they’re popular search terms. You can also use a keyword finder like this one. You make a list of important topics you think people use to search for you and this tool will tell you the best keywords to use to get the best search results.

What do you do with those keywords once you identify them?
Ah! Here’s the tricky part. Don’t just dump keywords anywhere. Instead, use at least one in your title and one in each paragraph of your blog. Don’t use the same keyword repeatedly – Google frowns on this practice. Instead, use a mix that makes sense and that can be incorporated seamlessly into your blog posts.

SEO optimization is vital to a successful website and blog. Take the time to discover the right keywords, prioritize them according to your specific business goals, and build valuable lists of high-quality keywords that will serve your purpose and draw the attention you need to the business you love.