7 Reasons Your Small Business Must Have A Consistent Blog

A small business blog is one of the smartest, least expensive marketing tools you can use for your small business. Content marketing is here to stay and blogging is a smart way to create and curate resources and tips your target market will love. Still not convinced? Keep reading for seven profitable reasons your small business should be blogging.

  1. Blogging lets you build trust with your target market. Share enough resources and valuable how-to tips and strategies and you’ll quickly become their go-to expert.
  2. Blogging on a consistent basis can do wonders for your SEO ranking. It’s an opportunity to publish SEO-rich content on a regular basis.
  3. Blogging keeps people coming back to your website. While they’re there, engage with them, encourage them to comment, and point them in the direction of your purchase URLs.
  4. Blogging can help hone your focus. Blog research does double duty by forcing you to research your industry as well. That helps you maintain your focus.
  5. Blogging gives your customers and clients a behind the scenes look at what’s going on in your business. People love those sneak peeks and they appreciate feeling in the know.
  6. Blogging positions you as an expert and increases your credibility. The more content you share, the more your expertise shows.
  7. Blogging helps familiarize your company with your target market and is a great way to boost follows and likes on your other social media platforms.

Don’t ignore the power of a blog to help drive business your way. The key to a good blog is consistency and good content. Start with attention-grabbing content, then send it out on a regular basis. You set the tempo for your blog, just make sure it’s one you can keep up with. Start (or continue) blogging today. Your business will thank you.