5 Easy Writing Hacks Every Small Business Owner & Blogger Should Know

Writing can be an absolute delight. There's no feeling in the world as awesome as getting your brand story out of your head and onto paper. Blog Coach 101 can help! Click To TweetConsequently, there’s no feeling as frustrating as having a story (or several stories) trapped inside your head. These tips will help you get your story down on paper and shaped into an attention-grabbing blog post.

  1. Keep A Notebook Handy
    Ideally, the notebook you carry should fit in your bag. Keep it at hand for those unexpected thoughts and ideas that often come up and are sure to be forgotten if not jotted down. Take note of story ideas and blog posts.
  2. Write Every Day
    Write something. Write anything. Start a new blog, email campaign, diary, journal – anything that will keep your writing muscles exercising and your writing chops sharp. Of course, don’t use these things as an excuse not to write your actual blog post.
  3. Stop Writing
    Yes, I said stop writing. Read a book, take a walk, take in a movie or complete another project. In other words, take a breather from your writing and you’ll be able to come back to it with a fresh eye and a new appreciation for your work.
  4. Steer Clear of Superfluous Words
    Don’t use large, loquacious words where simple words will do. Don’t use jargon your target market might not understand. Write to make your point, not to show off your vocabulary. Unless you’re writing a technical manual, your readers will appreciate a clear path more than they’ll appreciate a cluttered roadway.
  5. Break Your Editorial Calendar Down Into Manageable Chunks
    Start with a list of topics that can be used as a guide or outline for your blog. Then write each post in the order that works best for you, which might not be chronological. Start with the one that is easiest to write and go from there.

Hopefully, these tips will help you banish writer’s block, writer’s procrastination, and writer’s fear. Put pen to paper and get started. Your clients and potential clients will thank you!

Happy Blogging!!