5 Totally Free Online Tools That Will Supercharge Your Blog Posts & Web Content

1. Dictionary.com
This cool tool lets you check pronunciation, spelling and more. You can even use it to correctly spell the word misspell.

2. Thesaurus.com
I’m a word junkie and I love this tool that lets me find words with similar meanings without making my writing sound redundant.

3. Grammarly.com
Grammar snobs (I admit to being one of them) won’t have a thing on you with this helpful editing app. It finds – and corrects – up to ten times as many grammar errors as traditional spell check.

4. Bib.me
This is one of the best bibliography creators around. It creates bibliographies in multiple formats. If you’re writing anything from academic papers to books to magazine articles, this is the tool for you.

5. LitLift.com
This powerhouse app lets you write, edit, organize and store your work online. It offers writing guides and a great community of writers to keep you motivated.

So, there you have it. My five favorite online tools that help get my writing juices flowing. You’re all out of excuses now, so get crackin’ and let me know in the comments section if you have other online tools of our trade.

Happy Blogging!