5 Small Business Productivity Hacks

Wanna say goodbye to free time, juggle multiple irons in the fire, and wear waaaaay more than 17 hats? All you have to do is own a small business. For most of us, small business ownership is a one-woman-show in the early stages. That means you need to put systems in place that help you function as efficiently as possible. These five productivity hacks will help.

Use Technology To Your Advantage
Be on the lookout for software and apps that help you stay organized, time-conscious, focused, and productive. My preference is always for tools that let me schedule tasks like social media ahead of time and ones that give me plenty of set-it-and-forget-it options. That includes autoresponders that send emails out in a drip series and eBooks that generate sales and download automatically.

Tackle Simple Tasks ASAP
It’s easy to ignore no-brainer tasks when they come across your desk, but ignoring them can lead to an alarming build-up in simple tasks. Take care of simple tasks as soon as they land in your inbox. That can give you a quick break from more intensive tasks and help avoid that dreaded overwhelm when they all add up and send simple out the window.

Outsource. Outsource. Outsource.
Play to your strengths, do the things you’re a natural at, and outsource all the rest. Think outsourcing is expensive? Look at it this way. Outsourcing accounting and tax management to a pro can save you not only time, but also aggravation if the IRS starts picking on you. Outsourcing content creation has the same effect, but without the potential tax penalties.

Work In One Central Location
I learned the hard way that a billiondy client emails and requests per day can drive you absolutely mad – especially if there’s more than one team member working on a project or with a particular client. Try all-in-one team workspaces and project management tools, like Basecamp or Huddle.

Make A Preemptive To Do List
I’m a list girl. I LOVE lists and I live by them. I have a trick, though, for keeping my day organized – I create my to do list the night before. That lets me focus on the day ahead, do a little future casting, and still have some semblance of a life. Try it!

Those are my five favorite productivity hacks. What Jedi mind tricks and awesome apps and software do you use to keep yourself organized and on track? Share them in the comments. You might just inspire a fellow business owner.