What I Learned About Small Business Ownership From My Children

I’m totally and completely biased, but I think I have the four best children in the world. Period. They’re young adults, now, and they may not know it, but they’ve inspired my small business journey in more ways than I can count. Here are four of the main ways they’ve helped inspire their mom.

My oldest son, Alex, is an artist. He’s been passionate and focused about his art for as long as either of us can remember. Alex is also a bit of a hermit. He prefers not to talk to people outside his circle, despises the telephone, and is generally annoyed by people – especially if they insist on talking to him. He once had a crazy successful blog titled, Things That Annoy Me. What he taught me is that focus matters, common bonds (even if it is things that annoy you) matter, you choose who to allow in your inner circle, and life can be lived on your own terms.

My second oldest, Nicholas, was doing well in traditional college when he decided to go to Barber College instead. At first, I said, no, and he continued doing well in traditional college. When I asked him if he were happy, though, he said no, and I realized that he had a right to do what he wanted with his life. He’s since gone on to a successful career as a popular, outgoing, gregarious Master Barber. He taught me never to lose sight of my passion, never to allow anyone (no matter how well-meaning) to derail you from your dreams, and to do something every day that you truly love.

My only daughter, Chloe, is a teacher. Now, I like my children because they know not to play with me. Other people’s children, not so much. Chloe, though, has a heart for children and gushes over them no matter where she is. The thing is, they respond to her. I’ve seen her cheer up grumpy children at the grocery store and bring children home from the daycare for a bit of extra TLC. Chloe taught me that it’s okay if your passion doesn’t match up with anyone else’s and that you absolutely must follow your own heart.

My baby (he’s gonna be mad at that designation) is a musician. Samuel ain’t just any old musician, though. He plays eleven instruments, has never had a music lesson in his life, and won a scholarship to his college of choice. Even with all that talent, he’s a drummer at heart – and a fantastic one, at that. Samuel taught me that it’s okay to be good at a lot of things, as long as you know – and follow – your true passion.

My children are awesome. They’re responsible, hardworking young adults who love, respect, and protect their mother, themselves, and their respective passions. They are the absolute joy of my life – and the reason I get up most mornings. They’re also the reason I’m about to rock 2018. What’s your motivation?

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