Helpful Tips For Creating An Effective About Page For Your Small Business

The About Page is one of the most frequently visited pages on most websites. Make sure you get the most out of yours by including a few beneficial features your target market will respond to. Your About Page is vital because potential customers look there first to find out what you’re about and how doing business with you will benefit them.

As a copywriter, I’m always a bit amazed at how many small business owners request an About Page that’s focused solely on them. See, I think it’s almost incorrectly named. Yes, your customers want to know about you, but what they really want to know is what it is about you that makes you the go-to expert for solving their problem – because every small business in existence solves a problem for its ideal client. With that in mind, here’s what you need to include in your About (The Customer) Page

  • DO use the first paragraph of your About Page to tell your clients and potential clients the features and benefits your business offers them. Be sure to use “you”, rather than “I” language. Making your ideal client feel important right from the start is just, plain smart.
  • DO tell your customers why you’re uniquely qualified to do what you do. Establish your expertise and lay out your credentials in the second paragraph. Avoid using industry jargon and big words. Instead, opt for everyday language that lets your audience feel a connection with you – because people do business with people they know, like, and trust.
  • DO add an opt-in form right on your About Page. Make sure it has an attention-grabbing headline and a compelling call to action that helps you build a profitable email list. An email newsletter is a valuable tool for engaging with your people on a regular basis.
  • DO break up the text on your About Page with photos and graphic images that enhance your story. That can include products photos, an awesome headshot, pictures of you working behind the scenes, or photos of events you’ve hosted or attended.
  • DO include smart hyperlinks on your About Page. Your clients should be able to link right to purchase URLs, to your social media profiles, and to your contact page.

Remember, your About (The Customer) Page introduces your business to potential customers, reassures existing customers, and tells them quickly and precisely how you can help them. Optimizing your About Page for your ideal clients builds rapport, instills trust, establishes your expertise, and increases your bottom line.


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