About The Blog Coach

I’m an avid wordsmith, author, blogger, reader, writer, content creator, and social media junkie. I’ve written and published 50+ books, countless articles, and have ghostwritten thousands of blog posts. I’ve been doing freelance writing, blogging, and social media marketing for over a dozen years.

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Patrice Turner

The articles, blogs, web content, and product descriptions I’ve written have garnered a solid, five-star rating and an amazing client base. I’ve written blogs for big brands like Culligan and for start-ups and businesses of all sizes.

I’m a self-professed grammar junkie, publisher, and prolific blogger with a love of words that has kept me in the writing, publishing, and blogging industries for thirty years. I help bloggers and small business owners share their voices, build their brands, and I help writers and aspiring writers write, market, publish, and sell more books.

You can check out my online writing portfolio here. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you!